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About Me



I can easily adapt to all types of project-based activities or volunteering, involving either a fixed schedule or flexible hours.

Organisational skills

Project Management: Skills developed in the 2 editions of the InfoEducaţie contest, national stage, where I worked together with my colleague, Adrian Derevenschi. These skills were subsequently developed with the help of the workshops run by the Skills Development Service at Cardiff University and the courses completed as part of the Cardiff Award programme (such as the STEPS Towards Excellence course, which was held by a professional trainer from the Pacific Institute). Finally, the freelance web development projects illustrated in the Portfolio have also played an important role in the development of my leadership and project management skills.

Organisational skills: Proven in the Leonardo da Vinci programme (LLP-LdV/IVT/09/RO/101), during three weeks of intensive training in Germany, working in teams together with other 35 students of the National College of Iaşi, designing computer networks . Moreover, I have proven good presentation skills when I was in charge with presenting the final products of the project in front of the committee of the Made For Europe national contest, where I obtained the 1st prize. Thereafter, I held a lecture at Cardiff University highlighting the most important technical aspects of the most complex project I was involved in high school (the web platform of the National Olympics in Informatics, the 2012 edition). My lecture slides were made available on Learning Central (the e-Learning platform of Cardiff University).

Social skills

Having over 5 years of experience as a freelancer, I have good customer communication skills.

My adaptability and communication skills were also proven in a multicultural environment, in the framework of the Comenius project, founded by the European Commission. As a selected project team member, I participated in two international meetings (in Cyprus and Romania), discussing the technical aspects of the final products with teachers and students from 5 countries: Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey.

I have gained experience in collaborating with new persons and settling conflicts thorought a year of volunteering at Caritas Centre Iaşi [see document] and at the Media Demos Project Association [see document].

I have proven communication skills and confidence through participating in various national workshops and conferences (DefCamp – December 2011, IT Connections – April 2012, CAESAR HiTech – July 2012, DefCamp – December 2013).

Technical skills

My computer architecture and operating systems knowledge, alongside with computer networking knowledge was revealed in the 4th edition of the AcadNet contest, organised by the Romanian Ministry of Education in collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy, where I won the 2nd price at the national stage, qualifying to the international stage of the NetRiders contest, where I ranked 1st.

Web Design and Web Devleopment knowledge, alongside with knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing were proven in the Infoeducatie contest, in the internship at Mars Society Deutschland and throughout the activity as a freelancer.

Artistic skills

I have gained experience in presenting radio shows, as a result of the weekly podcasts at Radio Iasi Romania, that I have been moderating since september 2011 [see document 1][see document 2].

I also have some knowledge in audio & video editing and music production.



  • First score, “NetRiders 2012 – Student Challenge“, international stage [see document];
  • Second score, “NetRiders 2012 – Student Challenge“, national stage;
  • First prize, The “Made for Europe” contest, national stage (product: website: www.tourist-tic.eu) [see document 1][see document 2];
  • Second prize, The “AcadNet” contest, national stage [see document];
  • Third prize, The “Infoeducation” contest, national stage [see document];


  • Active partitipation in the “Google Code-In” contest [see document];
  • Qualification to the national stage of the “AcadNet” contest [see document];
  • Special prize + Bronze medal, National Contest of Applied Informatics, national stage [see document 1][see document 2];
  • First prize, The “Made for Europe” contest, national stage (product: “IT Guide – How to network”) [see document];
  • Special prize, The “Infoeducation” contest, national stage [see document 1][see document 2];


  • Special prize, The “Infoeducation” contest, national stage [see document];
  • Special prize, National Contest of Applied Informatics, national stage [see document].

Media Featuring

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